Metal Lab roofing can handle everything that comes its way, and it stays intact for years. High winds are not a problem since metal roofing has been proven to withstand winds of up to 150mph. The wind and uplift resistance of metal roofing is very high and generally far exceeds what’s required for building codes.

Snow is no problem for a Metal Lab roof. A metal roof sheds snow easily and generally eliminates ice damming, which means that your gutters will remain clear won’t back up when melting occurs.

As many code requirements are changing due to severe forest fires in recent years, metal roofing is becoming a requirement in some areas. Metal roofing will never catch fire, and can potentially stop a fire from spreading if burning material were to land on the roof. As fire protection becomes more crucial, the cost of your insurance premiums should reflect that when it comes to your material choices; check with your insurer to see if there are any discounts for metal roof owners.

All these environmental advantages give architects, designers, engineers, and building owners a sense of relief because they’ve chosen to use the best material possible for all potential weather risks.