Metal Lab MLS100 Profile

The MLS100 is a 1” self-locking panel, with a hidden fastener that creates a remarkably strong lock. The product is straightforward to install and provides outstanding architectural refinement.

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The MLS550 is known for its innovative seam design, with its clean rectangular lines that appeal to architects & designers alike. Available with or without ribs.

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Metal Lab MLM150 Profile

The MLM150 is one of the oldest and most recognizable profiles in the world. Known as a standing seam profile, the MLM150 provides the highest strength & impenetrability while also being the most versatile, allowing you to form curved roofs with it.

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Metal Lab MLM100 Profile

The MLM100 is a further enhancement to the MLM150, featuring a double-folded seam that’s formed using a standing seam folding machine. The MLM100 provides the highest strength & impenetrability while being equally as versatile as the MLM150, allowing you to form curved roofs with it as well.

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