The MLM100, like the MLM150, has an iconic profile reinvigorated by contemporary design and Metal Lab’s exclusive colour lines. The MLM100 can be used as both metal wall cladding as well as for roofing. The articulated architectural lines make it a favourite choice among modern building designers, and it maintains such an appeal that it’s even used for indoor applications! The attachment system is concealed in the design increasing the purity of the panels. The MLM100 can be used in varying widths to make a uniform or random pattern as well as curved for unique roof and cladding applications.

Quick Facts:

  • Can be used on both commercial and residential projects.
  • Can use different width panels to create a uniform or random pattern.
  • Has the ability to be curved to create curved roofs or custom cladding designs.
  • Superior wind load capacity.
  • Superior resistance to water penetration.
  • Low expansion and contraction coefficient but the design of panels will allow for building expansion and contraction.

Product Specifications:

  • Uses: Roofing or Cladding
  • Gauges: 26 + 24 (colour selection varies with gauge)
  • Slope: 2/12 and greater
  • Coverage: 13″ to 21″ width
  • Length: 3′ to 60′
  • Rib Height: 1″
  • Fastener System: Concealed clip system
  • Recommended Substrate: Solid Substrate (minimum 1/2″ plywood and confirm with local building code
metal lab MLM100 Nova
MetalLab-MLM100: 2 ribs Line Drawn Profile Bead Rib
MetalLab-MLM100: 2 ribs Line Drawn Profile Striated