The MLS100 Snaplock Panel is one of the most installation-friendly and user-friendly designs on the market. The snaplock panel design mirrors the visually dynamic lines of a standing seam panel, without the need to use seam folding equipment. The panel is fastened in place through the screw flange and then the next panel is snapped in place hiding the fasteners. This easy-to-install product is an increasingly popular choice for contemporary architecture & design. Given the vast selection of Metal Lab colours, this panel will look stunning on virtually any project!

Quick facts:

  • Can be used on both commercial & residential projects.
  • Can use different width panels to create a uniform or random pattern
  • Excellent resistance to water penetration.
  • Low expansion and contraction coefficient, while still allowing for building expansion and contraction.

Product Specifications:

  • Uses: Roofing or Cladding
  • Gauges: 26 + 24 (colour selection varies with gauge)
  • Slope: 3/12 and greater
  • Coverage: 12″ to 20″ width
  • Length: 3′ to 45′
  • Rib Height: 1″
  • Fastener System: Hidden Fastener
  • Recommended Substrate: Solid Substrate (minimum 1/2″ plywood and confirm with local building code)
metal lab ML100 Brushed Carbon
MetalLab-MLS100: 2 ribs Line Drawn Profile Bead Ribs
MetalLab-MLS100: 2 ribs Line Drawn Profile Striated