The MLS550 offers a modern aesthetic by transforming the traditional system with striking visuals and ease of installation. Like most of Metal Lab’s products, the MLS550 can be used as both roofing or siding, depending on your needs. The concealed attachment leaves an aesthetically clean product that promotes the contemporary linear lines of the design. The floating clip makes the installation of this snaplock extremely simple, and it does not require any special closing tools – it simply snaps together.

Quick facts:

  • Can be used on both commercial & residential projects.
  • Excellent option for longer runs as it floats on a clip system which means less deflection concerns.
  • Panels can be laid horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • Excellent resistance to water penetration.
  • Low expansion and contraction coefficient, while still allowing for building expansion and contraction.

Product Specifications:

  • Uses:  Roofing or Cladding
  • Gauges:  26 + 24 (colour selection varies with gauge)
  • Slope:  3/12 and greater
  • Coverage:  19″ width
  • Length:  3′ to 45′
  • Rib Height: 1.5″
  • Fastener System:  Hidden Clip & Fastener
  • Recommended Substrate:  Solid Substrate (minimum 1/2″ plywood and confirm with local building code)
metal lab ML550 Champagne Wave
Metal Lab MLS550 Profile